Business Conflict Training

Be Ready for Conflict Before it Happens

The average workplace deals with 2.2 hours of conflict per employee. If your organization has 18 people, that’s a full 40 hours per week dealing with conflict! Peacemaker Ministries wants to partner with you to bring health into your teams so that you can focus on your organizational goals, not conflict. Let’s work through what needs to be worked through and get back to productivity and teamwork.

What to Expect

Your team will work with a peacemaker expert through the Path of a Peacemaker – a practical, easy to remember process. The Path involves establishing the STORY, ASCEND to core values, REFLECT on your responsibility, and CONNECT with the other person. The peacemaker expert will help you work through this process and even provide collaborative time for team members to practice the path with one another throughout the training.

Training Time

Peacemaker Ministries has divided our Path of a Peacemaker training into an introductory and advanced process. The first time you have Peacemaker come out, you’ll establish a working understanding of the core principles that Peacemaker teaches. Invite Peacemaker back for the advanced training and equip your team with life-long peacemaking tools. Both the Introductory and Advanced trainings can be a one or two-day event, based on your need and availability.

Before Conflict

The best time to deal with conflict is before it happens. By taking your organization or team through the Path of a Peacemaker, you’re equipping them to deal with conflict in a healthy, timely manner. By doing this you increase productivity, and decrease time spent having to resolve conflicts in the workplace. Not only that, but the Path extends to people’s personal relationships, creating healthier employees all around.

What a Peacemaker Conflict Training Costs

While each quote for Peacemaker Training is unique, here’s a sample event for reference on what it might cost you to bring us to your organization. Let’s say that you’re interested in bringing Peacemaker Ministries to train your management team of 10. Let’s say you operate out of Boston, so your event would be considered a national event at $2,000 for travel costs. The base cost for the Peacemaker expert is $1,000/day and you want to do a 2-day training which would be $2,000 for the Peacemaker expert. we charge $105/attendee (which includes Peacemaker brochures for each attendee), so that comes out to $1050 for the management team. You purchase workbooks for everyone at $15 each, for a total of $150. Your event total cost would be $5,200 for travel, the speaker, the two days of training, and all the resources. We also offer large-group discounts depending on the number of attendees. For a full breakdown of all options and available resources, fill out the form below and we’ll send you an info sheet with all the options and help you build out the perfect event.

Additional Resources for Events

If you’d like to create a more comprehensive training, we’ve got several resources and training add-ons available.

Want to get started? Want to know more?

Are you ready to start planning the event? Or maybe you have more questions? Just fill out the form below with the info requested (to the best of your knowledge) and we’ll get in touch about next steps for bringing Peacemaker Ministries to your organization.