Children's Ministry

The best time to learn about peacemaking is, of course, before conflict. That's why we want to build a Children's curriculum - to impact kids before they've experienced difficult conflicts in relationship.

Your generous monthly donation enables us to bring biblical peacemaking to children all year-long.

*All donations will be used as designated. Any funding that exceeds the designated category’s goals will be used for ministry where needed most.

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Let The Little Children Come To Me.

Those were Jesus words when his disciples misunderstood the importance of the children vying for Christ’s attention. Peacemaker Ministries wants to help children learn peacemaking before major conflict takes place in their lives. By doing this we can equip them to be ready for difficulty and respond to it in a God-honoring way.


Kids of All Ages.

We want to make curriculum thats fun and engaging for each age group: preschool through 3rd grade, 4th grade through 8th grade, and high school. Speaking to the different ages means getting through to them where they are at and being relevant to their age group.


You make it possible.

Because of generous donors like you, Peacemaker Ministries has reached hundreds of thousands of people since 1982. We believe that God has called us to keep moving forward. Partner with us today and let’s bring peacemaking to every Christian in the world.