Help for churches

Peacemaker Ministries is all about partnering with churches to build healthy relationships. We firmly believe that churches can be equipped to produce healthy followers of Jesus. We offer many resources, webinars, Sunday service preaching, on-site seminars, and reconciliation services that encourage strong relationships in the church.

Church Revitalization

Many churches in America are plateaued or declining. Peacemaker Ministries comes alongside the pastor, church leaders, and staff so they can recapture vision, direction, and relational health. Using retreats, on-site training, webinars, and reconciliation services, Peacemaker Ministries equips leaders for healthy leadership. 

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Church Planter

Peacemaker Ministries understands that for the church to survive, the church must plant and multiply to new congregations. PM comes along church planting teams to lay a foundation of relational health. The church planting team is taught about healthy tension and how to move a ministry forward.

Missionary Empowerment

Peacemaker Ministries recognizes that healthy relationships have a cultural context. PM empowers missionaries all around the world to bring health into their outreaches, congregations, and universities. We provide training and reconciliation services around the world. Our hope is that trained missionaries will be able to bring biblical peacemaking principles into their local nations.

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