Conflict Training

When is the best time to learn what to do if you catch on fire? Is it before you catch on fire, while you’re on fire, or after the fire has done its damage? Of course, the idea of learning “Stop, Drop, and Roll” is best learned before such a situation would occur. In the same way, Peacemaker Ministries works to help families, nonprofits, and workplaces learn the tools of conflict reconciliation before conflict ever takes place.

Conflict Training for Your Group

Peacemaker Ministries offers several lengths of trainings from a single evening to a full two days. A peacemaker expert will come to your location and bring what we call “The Path of a Peacemaker” training – an interactive, engaging, and proven approach to conflict reconciliation. There are many ways to schedule the training – a team training on Saturday, and an all-church training at Sunday service, or maybe you’re a nonprofit that wants to train leadership first, then the whole staff. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

The Path of a Peacemaker

It’s important when working with groups that the training is engaging, dynamic, and memorable. We’ve incorporated all of this in “The Path of a Peacemaker”. This training consists of four simple steps to conflict reconciliation: establish the story, ascend to biblical core values, reflect on personal responsibility, and connect with others involved to make a plan. These steps make it easy to remember and incorporate into daily life. Time and time again, we’ve seen “The Path of a Peacemaker” transform seemingly impassible conflicts into strengthening moments for groups all over.

““Peacemaker Ministries served our church exceptionally well this past weekend. They taught ‘The Path of a Peacemaker’ on Saturday, facilitated a helpful ‘Path’ conversation on Saturday night, preached Sunday morning, and then taught our leadership team [about] healthy team dynamics Sunday night. The content that Peacemaker Ministries brings is Gospel-centered, Biblical and transformative. I recommend that every church utilize Peacemaker Ministries.””

-Matthew, Pastor

Interested in Scheduling a Conflict Training?