God is Enthroned

“But you O lord are enthroned forever. You are remembered throughout all generations.” Psalms 102:12

God is forever enthroned. He is forever remembered. Sometimes our days may feel long. It may feel like the worries of this world are overshadowing us. Our joy may be withering like grass. But God is still forever enthroned and forever remembered.

Although we live in a fallen world, God still sits on the throne. Our enemies may be pressing in, our bodies may be falling apart. God is still enthroned. Although we may feel afflicted and our friends have abandoned us, I want you to remember that God still loves you and is enthroned in heaven.

How will you remember Him today? Will you remember what He seemingly isn’t doing, or will you remember Him for what He has done? Generation after generation will say and remember that God is good. Will you remember His goodness today, His deliverance, His comfort amidst your trials? Will you proclaim that God’s goodness overshadows those circumstances that you’re going through?

We all need absolutes in our lives and God is a God of absolutes. He’s absolutely 100% good over our circumstances. If you believe that God is good, I mean truly truly good, no matter what life gives you, whether it’s bad or okay, you will begin to proclaim, “God you are good”.

My circumstances may be bad, but God is still good. He’s enthroned. He’s taking care of every human relationship that I’m in. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father I just thank you for this day, and Lord I pray that you’ll just take these relationships, that you’ll begin to heal them, mold them, and shape them in Jesus name. Amen.

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