Family Ministry Opportunities

A healthy marriage is the foundation for a healthy family, and families are essential for a healthy society. Peacemaker Ministries has several ways in which we minister to couples. Partner with us below to strengthen marriages and families.

Your generous monthly donation enables us to bring biblical peacemaking to families all year-long.

*All donations will be used as designated. Any funding that exceeds the designated category’s goals will be used for ministry where needed most.

Want to know more? Here’s a full disclosure of how we use donations.

Helping bring reconciliation to families and marriages.

Peacemaker Ministries vision is to bring peacemaking to 2.2 billion Christians all over the world. We know that in order to sustain a healthy understanding of how to work through conflict biblically, we need to instill peacemaking in families – parents and their children – so that biblical principles are carried on much further than just an initial training or resource.


On their own, or with others.

We recognize that if Peacemaker Ministries is going to reach 2.2 billion Christians, it’s not going to be through everyone attending an event or training. We’ve developed several resources that married couples can use to walk through conflict on their own or with a biblical counselor. This empowers others to learn biblical peacemaking basics without needing an expert to guide them.


You make it possible.

Because of generous donors like you, Peacemaker Ministries has reached hundreds of thousands of people since 1982. We believe that God has called us to keep moving forward. Partner with us today and let’s bring peacemaking to every Christian in the world.