Marchauna & Winnie were stuck.

Marchauna came to me disillusioned and bewildered by the canyon now in place where her relationship with her daughter once was. She couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong or how to fix it. They had tried to work it out on their own, and had even gone to a local pastor, to no avail. They were both exhausted and at a loss about how to rebuild the relationship they had once enjoyed.

The turning point came when Marchauna, Winnie and their husbands came together, talking for the first time in months. We walked through the Path of a Peacemaker and I clarified how the Gospel applies to their relationship. After it all, mother and daughter were able to apologize and forgive each other. It was amazing to witness the love of God softening their hearts and reconciling them to one another. Marchauna and Winnie are still doing great, loving each other well, and even helping others with what they’ve learned.

Many parents, spouses, churches, and workplaces desperately need reconciliation through the Gospel of Christ. Together we want to reach as many broken relationships as we can. Will you help us? Will you support training families, churches and workplaces before arguments happen, and bringing people back together after heart-breaking conflict?

Your gift helps us bring the reconciliation of Christ to people all over the world.