Help for Families and Marriages

Peacemaker Ministries believes in strong, healthy families that embrace tension and know how to work through issues. We’ve developed curriculum and biblical methods for married couples and their children at any stage in their journey of life, so they can succeed and grow in Christ. Healthy relationships foster healthy marriages, which build healthy families.

Pre-Marital Ministry

In order for premarital couples to succeed, they need to lay a relational foundation that will go with them through their entire marriage. Peacemaker Ministries offers a premarital path that will effectively equip couples for marriage. Through a webinar or retreat setting, we will cover the biblical foundation for marriage, the commitment to marriage, His family/Her Family, Child Rearing, Finances, Sex – developing true intimacy, Conflict – how to fight biblically, and church and faith differences.

Marital Ministry

Marriage is an amazing time for gospel refining.  Peacemaker Ministries helps couples through webinars or a retreat settings. We also have a variety of resources to equip couples with marital health. The marriage retreat can be offered privately or in a group setting. Each couple is given a coach to help them walk through relational tension.

Single Again & Blended Families

Peacemaker Ministries helps couples who have already been divorced have the healthiest relationship possible. Through webinars and the Peacemaker Single Again seminar, Peacemaker teaches couples how to walk the path of peace. Peacemaker Ministries also equips blended families to deal with their unique home environments.

Interested in Peacemaker Ministries resources for marriages?