Free Peacemaker Resources

The Path of a Peacemaker: Introduction Chapter

Read the introduction to the book by Pastor P. Brian Noble for free! click the link below to download your copy.

Peacemaker Legacy Resources

Need a resource from our legacy curriculum? Click the button below for the 4 G's, 7 A's, the Slippery Slope, and much more.

The Path of a Peacemaker Video Teaching

The Path of a Peacemaker is a simple, biblical process for conflict reconciliation and healing. Pastor Brian Noble teaches the core concepts of the path in this introductory 30-minute video teaching.

The Rubber Band Tool

The Rubber Band Tool is all about using tension in a healthy way. Watch the short instructional video as you're led through The Rubber Band Tool concept and how to practically apply it in your life.

The Response Spectrum Help Card

whether that be at work, with your spouse, or with a friend – we all want to respond well. Carrying out healthy conversations when two people don’t agree can be hard. That’s why we’ve created this help card to get you started.

The Path of a Peacemaker e-Guide

Download our Path of a Peacemaker 16-page e-Guide that teaches a practical, 4-step approach to conflict that's biblically-based, proven through real-world reconciliation, and easy to remember.

Resolving Everyday Conflict: Session 1

The resolving Everyday Conflict series was created to help individuals, couples, churches and their teams find reconciliation in the midst of conflict. Enjoy Session 1 of this 8-part series for free.