Nonprofit Conflict Training

Biblical Peacemaking Right Where You Are

The Bible calls us peacemakers and calls us to do peacemaking. For many, conflict is an overwhelming prospect and an unscalable mountain. Conflict in teams and organizations can seem even more daunting. For everyone, the best time to do peacemaking training is before conflict happens. That’s where Peacemaker Training comes in! We come to you and train your team, organization, or church on the fundamentals of biblical peacemaking. Our training is based on scripture and is practical, so you’ll be able to apply what you learn right away.

What to Expect

Your team will work with a peacemaker expert through the Path of a Peacemaker – a practical, easy to remember biblical process. The Path involves establishing the STORY, ASCEND to biblical core values, REFLECT on your responsibility, and CONNECT with the other person. The peacemaker expert will help you work through this process and even provide collaborative time for team members to practice the path with one another throughout the training.

Training Time

Peacemaker Ministries has divided our Path of a Peacemaker training into an introductory and advanced process. The first time you have Peacemaker come out, you’ll establish a working understanding of the core principles that Peacemaker teaches. Invite Peacemaker back for the advanced training and equip your team with life-long peacemaking tools. Both the Introductory and Advanced trainings can be a one or two-day event, based on your need and availability.

Before Conflict

The best time to deal with conflict is before it happens. By taking your organization or team through the Path of a Peacemaker, you’re equipping them to deal with conflict in a healthy, timely manner. By doing this you increase productivity, and decrease time spent having to resolve conflicts in the workplace. Not only that, but the Path extends to people’s personal relationships, creating healthier employees all around.

Pricing for Nonprofits

In order to minister to the most people, Peacemaker Ministries has created a non-profit pricing structure that is affordable for any size church. According to LifeWay Research, more than 57% of churches have an attendance of less than 100 people each Sunday. That’s why we’ve created multiple ways to do Peacemaker Training and save on cost.

Through our online meeting application (Zoom), all you need is a phone, tablet or computer with a camera, and Peacemaker Ministries is in your church for substantially less than having to travel to your location. If you really want us to be there in person, we’d love to travel to you. See below for a breakdown of regional travel costs and where you’d fit.

Travel Cost

We’re based in Spokane Valley, WA. See below to find out how much it costs to travel to where you are. This pricing only matters if you want us on location. If you’re planning an online event, the costs below do not apply.


Local Training

(up to 50 miles away)


Regional Training

(up to 375 miles away)


National Training

(Anywhere in the 50 States)


International Training

(Outside of the United States)


Additional Resources for Peacemaker Events

Peacemaker Ministries keeps events inexpensive by keeping them simple: a peacemaker expert and a great training curriculum. However, if you’d like to create a more comprehensive event or training, we’ve got several resources and training add-ons available.

Want to get started? Want to know more?

Are you ready to start planning the event? Or maybe you have more questions? Just fill out the form below with the info requested (to the best of your knowledge) and we’ll get in touch about next steps for bringing Peacemaker Ministries to your nonprofit.

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