Nonprofit Conflict Reconciliation

Reconciliation for You and Your Team

The average workplace deals with 2.2 hours of conflict per employee. If your organization has 18 people, that’s a full 40 hours per week dealing with conflict! Peacemaker Ministries wants to partner with you to bring health into your teams so that you can focus on your goals, not conflict. Let’s work through what needs to be worked through and get back to productivity and teamwork.

Pricing for Nonprofits

In order to minister to the most people, Peacemaker Ministries has created multiple ways to do reconciliation in your ministry. We utilize an online meeting software (Zoom) to work with teams, which removes any travel cost, but still brings Peacemaker Ministries to you. If you desire to have us come to you in person, We’d love to come to you. See below for a breakdown of regional travel costs and where you’d fit.

Travel Cost

We’re based in Spokane Valley, WA. See below to find out how much it costs to travel to where you are. The prices below are for on-site events. If you are planning for an online event, the prices below do not apply.

Local Reconciliation

(up to 50 miles away)


Regional Reconciliation

(up to 375 miles away)


National Reconciliation

(Anywhere in the 50 States)


International Reconciliation

(Outside of the United States)


Additional Resources for Events

Peacemaker Ministries keeps events inexpensive by keeping them simple: a peacemaker expert and a great training curriculum. However, if you’d like to create a more comprehensive event or training, we’ve got several resources and training add-ons available.

Want to get started? Want to know more?

Are you ready to start planning the event? Or maybe you have more questions? Just fill out the form below with the info requested (to the best of your knowledge) and we’ll get in touch about next steps for bringing Peacemaker Ministries to your nonprofit.

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