Peacemaker Consulting

Often times churches and organizations get stuck and they need some outside insight. They need someone who will speak the truth, speak clearly, and share their observations. Peacemaker Ministries is committed to providing these services. We can help a board, staff, or volunteers look clearly at their cultural context, their policies, and other documents that are making the organization work or maybe not work. We do this from a non-legal standpoint.

Benefits and Features of Consulting

  • Gain Mission clarity
  • Emphasis and develop vision clarity
  • Develop goals and strategies.
  • Build and define roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate and improve staff culture.
  • Evaluate and improve operational health
  • Ensure that the holes are found
  • Improve communication
  • Discover the differences that are hindering.
  • Reinforce the differences that are propelling the organization forward.
  • Discover and outline strategic initiatives
  • Discover and implement core philosophies
  • Coaching of main leaders, board chairs, and boards
  • Training on Roberts rule of order

The Path of a Peacemaker

We incorporate “The Path of a Peacemaker” model to equip groups in our consulting. This model contains four simple steps to conflict reconciliation: establish the story, ascend to biblical core values, reflect on personal responsibility, and connect with others involved to make a plan. These steps make it easy to remember and incorporate into daily life. Part of a healthy organization is a foundation in biblical conflict reconciliation. You may consider brining Peacemaker Ministries to do conflict training as a first-step for consulting.

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