What is a peacemaker?

How peacemaking involves me.

In a world where conflict and daily tension is the norm – people have become relationally fatigued. Some have isolated themselves from their own families, others have left the church, and some go from job to job. The world needs a better way of handling our relationships, whether it is a marital relationship, professional relationship, or a friendship. Rejuvenation comes through a personal, deep, reflective, relationship with God the Father through Jesus.

What is a peacemaker?

A peacemaker is a person that has chosen to engage in relational disputes with health and purpose from a Gospel perspective. They seek to work through healthy tension, rather than cause unhealthy conflict between them and others involved. They do this by reflecting on God’s word, listening to others, considering other perspectives, taking responsibility for their actions, and committing to healthy reconciliation between them and the other person. Their goals are to deepen the relationship and to grow it through effective communication.

Four Steps to Peacemaking

We call these steps “The Path of a Peacemaker”.


We seek to understand where others are coming from, knowing that our past impacts our present.


We look up to God, remembering his desire for reconciliation in our relationships.


We admit we may have missed something, acknowledging the impact of our words and actions on others.


We listen to the other person, demonstrating understanding and compassion.

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