The Path of a Peacemaker

Your Biblical Guide to Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, and a Life of Peace

Conflict is inevitable. Peace is essential.

The Path of a Peacemaker offers a simple, proven path to a lifestyle of peace. It guides you through an examination of your own personal story, identifying the origins of your hopes and fears. Then it invites you to understand and embrace God’s approach to conflict, take responsibility for your own part in conflict, and connect with others in a spirit of humility as you learn to listen first, ask for forgiveness, and move forward, even if the conflict remains unresolved.

When conflict turns into peace, frustration becomes clarity, turmoil becomes unity, and God is glorified.

“In this wise and down-to-earth book, Brian Noble lays out a Christ-centered framework for effectively working through conflict and, ultimately, experiencing true peace with those around us.”—Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family


“I’m deeply grateful for Brian’s love for the gospel and his commitment to promoting biblical peacemaking in the body of Christ! I pray God uses this book to guide many people to step onto the path of peace.”—Ken Sande, author of The Peacemaker and founder of Relational Wisdom 360


“Brian is a clear and compelling communicator about how the gospel of Jesus Christ sets us free to face conflicts and tensions in our lives. Practical, insightful, and inspiring!”—Judy Dabler, president of Creative Conciliation


P. Brian Noble is the executive director of Peacemaker Ministries. He teaches Path of a Peacemaker seminars all over the country and is always busy developing new resources for churches, marriages, and workplaces. Noble also serves as executive pastor of the Valley Assembly of God Church in Spokane, Washington.

Available June 4th.

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