Interactive Video Series

Learning is not just watching. It's also participating and practicing what you're being taught. Help us build an interactive peacemaking video series to teach people more effectively.

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Teaching Peacemaking In a Variety of Ways.

Peacemaker Ministries wants people to learn biblical peacemaking in the best way possible. By engaging groups through exercises, games, and discussion times, P. Brian Noble teaches people The Path of a Peacemaker. This interactive video series keeps people thinking and engaged all the way through the end.


Breaking out of the mold.

For as long as we can remember, teaching series have always been the person on the other side of the screen talking, sometimes for many hours. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn well this way. We’re designing an on-your-feet, discussion-based, interactive video series that’s meant to help you retain The Path of the Peacemaker principles better.


You make it possible.

Because of generous donors like you, Peacemaker Ministries has reached hundreds of thousands of people since 1982. We believe that God has called us to keep moving forward. Partner with us today and let’s bring peacemaking to every Christian in the world.