Workplace Ministry

Ministering in secular settings can be difficult, but that's exactly the opportunity we have many times a year. Help us expand our reach into even more workplaces.

Your generous monthly donation enables us to bring biblical peacemaking to workplaces all year-long.


*All donations will be used as designated. Any funding that exceeds the designated category’s goals will be used for ministry where needed most.

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Peacemaking in the workplace.

Workplace conflict can take up so much time. According to CPP, Inc. statistics, every year an average of $359 Billion in paid hours is wasted dealing with workplace conflict. Through your support, we’re able to reflect Christ in the workplace with online training, in-person coaching, seminars and workplace resources.


Ministry in Unique Places.

It’s not often that secular environments ask a ministry to help them with their issues. Thanks to the Lord, Peacemaker Ministries has been able to do just that. This last year we were invited to speak to hundreds of HR Directors of casinos, we helped a large pharmaceutical company, and did workplace training for other great organizations. Each time, we were able to present the values of Christ to those that might otherwise never hear the Gospel.


You make it possible.

Because of generous donors like you, Peacemaker Ministries has reached hundreds of thousands of people since 1982. We believe that God has called us to keep moving forward. Partner with us today and let’s bring peacemaking to every Christian in the world.