Help for workplaces

Tension can show up in the faith-based workplace. Some organizations are openly faith-based and desire to have their employees follow biblical principles. Peacemaker workplace faith-based is the training your organizations to move your organization’s mission forward and to build healthy relationships.

Facts about Workplace Conflict

85% of U.S. employees experience conflict and spend an average of 2.8 hours/week dealing with it

Unhealthy conflict causes significant loss of organizational productivity and resources: $359 billion in paid hours a year

31% of managers think they handle conflict effectively while 78% of employees disagree.

27% of employees witnessed personal attacks.

25% say avoiding it results in sickness/absences.

75% of employees report positive outcomes from the conflict that would not have been realized without the conflict.

95% of those who receive training say it is the biggest driver for success – but nearly 60% have never received training.

Sources: 2008 CPP Global Human Capital Report 2009 Harvard Law School Special Report on Managing Conflict

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